Sonic Graffiti: Hacking the SubconsciousThrough Aural Cues

Other than the aural cues of a distinct profession, what are the cues that tie the human race together? Do certain sounds connect us all? Obviously, the farmer has a very different set of daily environmental sounds and, therefore different reactionary cues in his environment than the urbanite would have in theirs. And while our…

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Salesman (2009)

A take on the “Deregulation of 2012.” What if the drug industry were to be deregulated? Would the door-to-door salesman make a comeback? Follow Woody and A.D.A.M. on their quest to explore capitalism and its possible pitfalls. Winner of a 2009 Crouse Foundation Award in the “Brave New World” category.

Winter Abandon

NTSC Television and 3G Anaglyph video installation.  This Installation was programmed using MAX/MSP/JITTER and multiple Arduino inputs to trigger Quicktime Events via macOS. My intent was not to create an immersive experience… By addressing the fact that, Much like 3D, the full effect of homelessness can never be fully realized.