Co-created by Gregory Zinman and Micah Stansell. I designed the system that runs this show as the project’s CTO. Located above the Beltline and North Street Bridge. The LARGEST outdoor projection in the Southeast has come to Atlanta.

Digital Pinball; A Design Intervention

Presentation at The University of Mary Washington. Fredericksburg Virginia, June  7th, 2023. This presentation will focus on the online communities supporting the pinball arts, from vintage classic restoration, and user experience preservation, to custom Visual Pinball (vPin) cabinet making. These online communities are a fast-growing subculture of the pinball world. User-generated content drives playfield design,…

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Transcendence, AR Viewports in Architecture

AR Pavilion Starts around 1:50 ABSTRACT With the advent and integration of modern technologies via current smartphone designs, augmented reality devices and experiences are now commonplace. Artists, corporations, and academia have been using smartphone experiences to capitalize on the affordances that mobile AR has to offer. From selling home-goods to tabletop gaming, these types of…

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What is an Augmented Intermediate Layer, or AIL?

Cross Post to Video Version As the physical and digital worlds begin to intervene in each of their respective realms, many are looking to mixed realities to parse information streams emanating from our ethereal and metaphysical lives. Formerly coined as mixed reality in 1994 [1], and what now some would, unfortunately, call the Metaverse™ [2];…

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The iPhoneoscope, Patent Application Patent PDF Download The significance of this attempt is most critical when judged against my professional growth. The iPhonoscope was the start of creating and employing new creative tools into all of my work. This project was founded under the idea that we would use our phones as 3D viewers and augmented displays. The…

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XR Works, Idea Pitch CREATE-X

This design artifact was used as a startup idea for Create X, a Georgia Tech Incubator. Made the second round and was rejected because of the scope.  This project is also related to my writing here: LINK Download PDF

Stereoscopic Video Rig

This 3D rig is the 3rd generation of mounts I have built for various cameras. It uses interchangeable cameras and custom mounts for a variety of uses. I currently have 2 HD cameras and 2 Standard definition cameras in this rig. It is upgradeable, so as new cameras are introduced, a simple mount can be…

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FIT 3D Live; 3D Live Simulcast

The Future of Fashion, NY, NY. Presented at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Fully immersive, stereoscopic 3D simulcast. The first 3D simulcast runway show in the United States. Commissioned to design and engineer a custom 3D rig and signal chain developed by Daniel Phelps for FIT & UVPHACTORY. Additional information on the project can be…

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