Digital Pinball; A Design Intervention

Presentation at The University of Mary Washington. Fredericksburg Virginia, June  7th, 2023. This presentation will focus on the online communities supporting the pinball arts, from vintage classic restoration, and user experience preservation, to custom Visual Pinball (vPin) cabinet making. These online communities are a fast-growing subculture of the pinball world. User-generated content drives playfield design,…

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An Argument for Labor Training in Mixed Realities and Underserved Communities

There is currently an extreme need for tradespeople throughout the country, especially in Georgia’s manufacturing sector. At the same time, the unemployment or underemployment rate in urban areas has skyrocketed to all-time highs for those in poverty. Can solutions to be found using modern training technologies to get people out of poverty and into well-paying…

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An Ode to the “Professional” Editor #FCPX

On April 12, 2011, Final Cut Pro saw its first major redesign and update since 2001… Even earlier if you remember the program as KeyGrip (the name of the program at Apple purchased as the foundation for FCP in 1999). As I tuned into the twitter feeds of #FCP last night to experience the cumulative…

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