Co-created by Gregory Zinman and Micah Stansell. I designed the system that runs this show as the project’s CTO. Located above the Beltline and North Street Bridge. The LARGEST outdoor projection in the Southeast has come to Atlanta.

PRANA The natural world versus the urban environment. Over the past several hundred years, urban planning has reclaimed land once attuned to nature. Some instances of urbanization have tried to incorporate and respect the natural landscape, attempting to be an addendum to our world. Other designs had no intention to integrate open space, organic matter,…

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Anamorphic Dualities

Created By Daniel Phelps, this piece of digital art that utilizes an inverted LED screen mounted under a bridge that connects two buildings. This “Media Bridge” is located on the Georgia Tech campus, connecting Clough and Crossland towers. This anamorphic piece will eventually incorporate user tracking to give audiences a “holographic” effect, converting the structure’s…

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PDF Download Outdated technology figuratively and literally clutters our environment on a global scale. Whether online or IRL, old technology gives into new, forever reconstituting the past into emerging forms that are sometimes unrecognizable but often coated with a veneer of nostalgia. Advanced (and NEW!) technology that allows us to recontextualize our world is a…

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Transcendence, AR Viewports in Architecture

AR Pavilion Starts around 1:50 ABSTRACT With the advent and integration of modern technologies via current smartphone designs, augmented reality devices and experiences are now commonplace. Artists, corporations, and academia have been using smartphone experiences to capitalize on the affordances that mobile AR has to offer. From selling home-goods to tabletop gaming, these types of…

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Winter Abandon

NTSC Television and 3G Anaglyph video installation.  This Installation was programmed using MAX/MSP/JITTER and multiple Arduino inputs to trigger Quicktime Events via macOS. My intent was not to create an immersive experience… By addressing the fact that, Much like 3D, the full effect of homelessness can never be fully realized.

Peripheral Visions iPad Installation

This piece used a Jailbroken iPad and heavily modified Prezi presentation software. Prezi and automated hacking tools to morph the consumer software into an installation platform Hundreds of HQ scans and videos were “borrowed” from the NYPLibrary via pocket scanner over 3 months. Curated by Maria Antonella Pelizzari and with the help of curatorial assistants,…

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