An Argument for Labor Training in Mixed Realities and Underserved Communities

There is currently an extreme need for tradespeople throughout the country, especially in Georgia’s manufacturing sector. At the same time, the unemployment or underemployment rate in urban areas has skyrocketed to all-time highs for those in poverty. Can solutions to be found using modern training technologies to get people out of poverty and into well-paying…

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Anamorphic Dualities

Created By Daniel Phelps, this piece of digital art that utilizes an inverted LED screen mounted under a bridge that connects two buildings. This “Media Bridge” is located on the Georgia Tech campus, connecting Clough and Crossland towers. This anamorphic piece will eventually incorporate user tracking to give audiences a “holographic” effect, converting the structure’s…

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Wonderglove, Physical Augmented Intermediate Layer

PDF Download Design Statement: To develop an intermediate layer between invisible forces in our world and connect it with our senses. Specifically, EM fields and our sense of touch. Believing that all things are connected, the physical, metaphysical, conscious and unconscious. Take the magnetosphere. It envelops the planet and protects us from radiation, solar flares…

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AR Layers & Oak Ridge National Laboratory

PDF Download In my exploration, I have defined a class of XR that embodies the passive integration of our digital and physical worlds. Finding examples and building them myself, an Augmented Intermediate Layer (AIL) is defined as an unobtrusive overlay of digital information modifying our physical world. The term, Augmented Intermediate Layer, has its genesis…

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Dimensional Interpretation: 3DTechnologies vs. Popular Culture

    Technology will never succeed in recreating the richness that the five senses deliver our brain to interpret our world. The human race’s innate ability to capture an orthographic record of our experiences has progressed over the millennia in the pursuit of an image that represents the most accurate depiction available during that particular…

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Augmented Intermediate Layers Demo

Conclusion of work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory on my research into transparent screens for Augmented Reality applications for the applied sciences. Presentation arranged for, and given to, the 80+ members of Visual Informatics for Science and Technology Advances (VISTA) Lab at ORNL. This work would become the basis for my MC and Ph.D work…

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The iPhoneoscope, Patent Application Patent PDF Download The significance of this attempt is most critical when judged against my professional growth. The iPhonoscope was the start of creating and employing new creative tools into all of my work. This project was founded under the idea that we would use our phones as 3D viewers and augmented displays. The…

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XR Works, Idea Pitch CREATE-X

This design artifact was used as a startup idea for Create X, a Georgia Tech Incubator. Made the second round and was rejected because of the scope.  This project is also related to my writing here: LINK Download PDF

FIT 3D Live; 3D Live Simulcast

The Future of Fashion, NY, NY. Presented at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Fully immersive, stereoscopic 3D simulcast. The first 3D simulcast runway show in the United States. Commissioned to design and engineer a custom 3D rig and signal chain developed by Daniel Phelps for FIT & UVPHACTORY. Additional information on the project can be…

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