The Future AmericanRetrospective (2019) My work as an Integrated Media Artist has allowed me to create and contribute to a wide variety of technology research initiatives and narratives. From robotics to linear documentary storytelling, my work always strives to incorporate emerging technology and apply it to emerging interdisciplinary fields. The Future American Retrospective: A Telerobotic VR Experience is…

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Wonderglove, Physical Augmented Intermediate Layer

PDF Download Design Statement: To develop an intermediate layer between invisible forces in our world and connect it with our senses. Specifically, EM fields and our sense of touch. Believing that all things are connected, the physical, metaphysical, conscious and unconscious. Take the magnetosphere. It envelops the planet and protects us from radiation, solar flares…

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AR Layers & Oak Ridge National Laboratory

PDF Download In my exploration, I have defined a class of XR that embodies the passive integration of our digital and physical worlds. Finding examples and building them myself, an Augmented Intermediate Layer (AIL) is defined as an unobtrusive overlay of digital information modifying our physical world. The term, Augmented Intermediate Layer, has its genesis…

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The Domino Effect (Documentary)

DANIEL PHELPS Co-Director Director of Photography Editor & Compositor MEGAN SPERRY Producer / Co-Director BRIAN PAUL Writer / Researcher For detailed information, you can find us at The Domino Effect is a feature-length documentary film that explores the process of real estate development in New York City anddigs deep to uncover the complex networks…

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Salesman (2009)

A take on the “Deregulation of 2012.” What if the drug industry were to be deregulated? Would the door-to-door salesman make a comeback? Follow Woody and A.D.A.M. on their quest to explore capitalism and its possible pitfalls. Winner of a 2009 Crouse Foundation Award in the “Brave New World” category.

Augmented Intermediate Layers Demo

Conclusion of work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory on my research into transparent screens for Augmented Reality applications for the applied sciences. Presentation arranged for, and given to, the 80+ members of Visual Informatics for Science and Technology Advances (VISTA) Lab at ORNL. This work would become the basis for my MC and Ph.D work…

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Winter Abandon

NTSC Television and 3G Anaglyph video installation.  This Installation was programmed using MAX/MSP/JITTER and multiple Arduino inputs to trigger Quicktime Events via macOS. My intent was not to create an immersive experience… By addressing the fact that, Much like 3D, the full effect of homelessness can never be fully realized.

The iPhoneoscope, Patent Application Patent PDF Download The significance of this attempt is most critical when judged against my professional growth. The iPhonoscope was the start of creating and employing new creative tools into all of my work. This project was founded under the idea that we would use our phones as 3D viewers and augmented displays. The…

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